Unknown column ... in 'field list' (v1.1.4 and below)

Unknown column ... in 'field list' (v1.1.4 and below)

Postby nickvergessen » Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:45 pm

If you get an error like the following:
    Code: Select all
    SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    Unknown column 'album_auth_access' in 'field list' [1054]


    SELECT album_id, parent_id, album_name, album_type, left_id, right_id, album_user_id, display_in_rrc, album_auth_access FROM phpbb_gallery_albums ORDER BY album_user_id ASC, left_id ASC


    FILE: includes/db/mysqli.php
    LINE: 163
    CALL: dbal->sql_error()

    FILE: includes/gallery/integration.php
    LINE: 224
    CALL: dbal_mysqli->sql_query()

    FILE: includes/cache.php
    LINE: 452
    CALL: phpbb_gallery_integration::cache()

    FILE: includes/gallery/auth/auth.php
    LINE: 91
    CALL: cache->obtain_album_list()

    FILE: includes/gallery/auth/auth.php
    LINE: 81
    CALL: phpbb_gallery_auth->query_auth_data()

    FILE: includes/gallery/gallery.php
    LINE: 152
    CALL: phpbb_gallery_auth->phpbb_gallery_auth()

    FILE: includes/gallery/integration.php
    LINE: 123
    CALL: phpbb_gallery::init()

    FILE: posting.php
    LINE: 1529
    CALL: phpbb_gallery_integration::posting_display_popup()

Please download the attachment, upload the install/ and umil/ folder to your forum (next to the gallery/ folder, NOT inside of it)
And than open the install/force_update.php

You should see a page like:

Add missing columns script v1.1.4
Added x missing columns

Afterwards your board should work again
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cheers nickvergessen :geek:

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