phpBB Gallery 1.1.2 released

phpBB Gallery 1.1.2 released

Postby nickvergessen » Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:52 pm

Version: 1.1.2
Description: An image-gallery integrated into your phpbb-board.
Features: For a (nearly) full feature list see go/phpbb_gallery/features

Supported Styles: prosilver, subsilver2
Supported Language-Packages: de, en

Required phpBB-Version: 3.0.9
Required php-Version: 5+

Repository: (Git)

As developing a modification like this, takes a lot of time, I would appreciate if you make a little donation (nickvergessen Q / Q=@).

Downloads: Download v1.1.2

Changelog wrote:1.1.2:
  • [Change] Make phpbb_gallery_config easier to extend for plugins (Bug #852)
  • [Change] Require phpBB 3.0.9 so we can clean the function_phpbb.php file a bit.
  • [Change] Check phpBB and php version requirements during install/update
  • [Change] Use a button instead of a text link for inserting the images from the popup
  • [Change] Populate path and ext variables for MODs that added include() (Bug #845)

  • [Fix] Fix also display BBCodes for images, when comments are disabled. (Bug #860)
  • [Fix] Fix various errors in the new upload process (Bug #859)
  • [Fix] Do not display "Add more upload fields" link for limit=1 (Bug #858)
  • [Fix] Add option for displaying the thumbnail for next/prev image links (Bug #857)
  • [Fix] Fix "Column 'image_desc' cannot be null" error with outdated style (Bug #856)
  • [Fix] Fix Undefined class constant 'REPORT_UNREPORT' (Bug #853)
  • [Fix] Fix quote option on (recent) comment search (Bug #851)
  • [Fix] Fix display of the input-boxes when the page is less than 1024 pixels wide
  • [Fix] Fix Fix several usages of old constants in convertor scripts
  • [Fix] Fix pruging the "cache", the correct path is thumbnail
  • [Fix] Fix quick-moderation language in image_page, when comments are disabled
  • [Fix] Fix typo in table name: Use of undefined constant GALLERY_CONTEST_TABLE
  • [Fix] Error in block: Always reset the mode and display when the function is called
  • [Fix] Correctly install cleanup module in ACP
  • [Fix] Fix debug error messages in acp config when functions are disabled (Bug #850)
  • [Fix] Personal Gallery icon does not appear on viewtopic (Bug #847)
  • [Fix] Do not try to use plugins on upload, when none is installed. (Bug #843)
  • [Fix] Breadcrumb link from moderation-overview leads to album_id=0 (Bug #842)
  • [Fix] Purge permissions cache when deleting permissions (Bug #841)
  • [Fix] Store exif data when we set the status to saved in database (Bug #840)
  • [Fix] image-page displayes wrong data for uploader (Bug #839)
  • [Fix] Fix error when deleting comments (Bug #838)
  • [Fix] Fix contests with undefined constant and undeclared property (Bug #837)
  • [Fix] {NUM}-explanation missing on ACP import (Bug #836)
  • [Fix] Fix typos in de-package and rephrase a string in en-package (Bug #834)
  • [Fix] Undefined class constant 'DB_SAVED' (mistyped DBSAVED) (Bug #833)
  • [Fix] Fix error while editing a contest-album (Bug #832)
  • [Fix] SQL Error when reseting rating of an empty album (Bug #831)
  • [Fix] Correctly state, which folder needs to have the CHMOD in install/ (Bug #830)
  • [Fix] Code for pruning is not working and the lang-string is missing (Bug #829)
  • [Fix] Fix code for hotlink prevention (Bug #828)

  • [Fix] Fix copy operations in XML files (delete and add some directories) (Bug #827)
  • [Fix] PHP Warning: in file /includes/gallery/user.php on line 334: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() (Bug #826)
  • [Fix] Index name ... on table ... is too long. The maximum is 24 characters. (Bug #825)

  • [Fix] Jumpbox allows jumping to invalid albums (Bug #823)
  • [Fix] Restrict autoloader to gallery classes (Bug #821)
  • [Fix] User option for blocks not working correctly (Bug #820)
  • [Fix] Add missing quick moderation to subsilver2 (Bug #817)
  • [Fix] Error when testing user permissions (Bug #818)
  • [Fix] Gallery throws error when there are permissions for deleted albums (Bug #816)

Beta 1:
  • [Feature] Add zip-upload feature (Feature #426)
  • [Feature] Add popup to phpBB/posting.php with own and recent images aswell as an upload option (Feature #421, #446)
  • [Change] Rewrote the upload part, so it's easier to name and describe the images (Bug #809)
  • [Fix] SQL Error on gallery block when user has no permissions (Bug #812)

Alpha 1:
  • [Feature] Add option to go to next image when clicking on image_page (Feature #798)
  • [Feature] Add friends and foes control to personal galleries (Feature #749)
  • [Feature] Use "Last-Modified"-header to cache images in browser (Bug #747)
  • [Feature] Add option to quote a comment (Feature #744)
  • [Feature] Add option to change contest winner tabulation (Feature #730)
  • [Feature] Add option to allow changing the "uploaded by"-information (Feature #729)
  • [Feature] Add option dis-/enable the signature on comments (Feature #719)
  • [Feature] Add option to create personal gallery for users in ACP (Feature #714)
  • [Feature] Add option for uploader to disable comment for images (Feature #704)
  • [Feature] Add option to prune albums manually in the ACP (Feature #680)
  • [Feature] Add recently reported and unapproved iamges to MCP-Index (Feature #437, #658)
  • [Feature] Add RSS/Atom Feed for new images (Feature #312)
  • [Change] phpBB Gallery Integration throws errors while installing/updating the board (Feature #801)
  • [Change] Change install to use UMIL for database changes (Feature #788)
  • [Change] Make image description invisible until the end of contest (Feature #718)
  • [Fix] SQL-Error for MSSQL when trying to rate an image (Bug #791)
  • [Fix] Several typos, wordings and wrong quotation-marks (Bug #789, #799)
  • [Fix] Change error handling on upload-page to continue after corrupted files (Bug #781)
  • [Fix] Remove confusing message about number of upload-fields (Bug #767)
  • [Fix] Resync contest winners, if a winner get's deleted (Bug #751)
  • [Fix] Call garbage_collection() to free some memory before viewing images (Bug #696)
cheers nickvergessen :geek:

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