phpBB Gallery 1.1.0-Beta1 released

phpBB Gallery 1.1.0-Beta1 released

Postby nickvergessen » Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:21 pm

Version: 1.1.0-B1
Supported Styles: prosilver, subsilver2
Supported Language-Packages: de, en

Required phpBB-Version: 3.0.8+
Required php-Version: 5+

Repository: (Git)

Who should install/update this version?
You can install this version to test the new features and start translating it or developing a style for the new version. You may also try this version on your live board, so it is tested on all edges. However, support for this version maybe limited and I may not answer every question especially if they are not qualified. If you think, you are not expert enough, please wait until 1.1.0 was released.
Thank you!

As developing a modification like this, takes a lot of time, I would appreciate if you make a little donation (nickvergessen Q / Q=@).

(954.06 KiB) Downloaded 156 times

Changelog wrote:Beta 1:
  • [Feature] Add zip-upload feature (Feature #426)
  • [Feature] Add popup to phpBB/posting.php with own and recent images aswell as an upload option (Feature #421, #446)
  • [Change] Rewrote the upload part, so it's easier to name and describe the images (Bug #809)
  • [Fix] SQL Error on gallery block when user has no permissions (Bug #812)

Alpha 1:
  • [Feature] Add option to go to next image when clicking on image_page (Feature #798)
  • [Feature] Add friends and foes control to personal galleries (Feature #749)
  • [Feature] Use "Last-Modified"-header to cache images in browser (Bug #747)
  • [Feature] Add option to quote a comment (Feature #744)
  • [Feature] Add option to change contest winner tabulation (Feature #730)
  • [Feature] Add option to allow changing the "uploaded by"-information (Feature #729)
  • [Feature] Add option dis-/enable the signature on comments (Feature #719)
  • [Feature] Add option to create personal gallery for users in ACP (Feature #714)
  • [Feature] Add option for uploader to disable comment for images (Feature #704)
  • [Feature] Add option to prune albums manually in the ACP (Feature #680)
  • [Feature] Add recently reported and unapproved iamges to MCP-Index (Feature #437, #658)
  • [Feature] Add RSS/Atom Feed for new images (Feature #312)
  • [Change] phpBB Gallery Integration throws errors while installing/updating the board (Feature #801)
  • [Change] Change install to use UMIL for database changes (Feature #788)
  • [Change] Make image description invisible until the end of contest (Feature #718)
  • [Fix] SQL-Error for MSSQL when trying to rate an image (Bug #791)
  • [Fix] Several typos, wordings and wrong quotation-marks (Bug #789, #799)
  • [Fix] Change error handling on upload-page to continue after corrupted files (Bug #781)
  • [Fix] Remove confusing message about number of upload-fields (Bug #767)
  • [Fix] Resync contest winners, if a winner get's deleted (Bug #751)
  • [Fix] Call garbage_collection() to free some memory before viewing images (Bug #696)
cheers nickvergessen :geek:

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