Recent- & Random-Images & Comment - Feature

“Random images“ may take some time to load, on large databases!

You can set multiple ids: “1,2,3”

You can set multiple ids: “1,2,3”

Your changes

Open your index.php (or whatever file you want to add the code to) and find:
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// Output page
After add:
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* RRC of phpbb gallery
* See http://www.flying-bits.org/rrc_configurator.php for more information
$gallery_block = new phpbb_gallery_block();
$gallery_block->set_modes(array('recent', 'random', 'comment'));
$gallery_block->set_display_options(array('albumname', 'imagename', 'imagetime', 'imageviews', 'username', 'ip'));
$gallery_block->set_nums(array('rows' => 1, 'columns' => 4, 'comments' => 5, 'contests' => 1));

Open the related template, in case of index.php that is styles/prosilver/template/index_body.html, and find:
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<!-- INCLUDE forumlist_body.html -->
Before add:
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<!-- INCLUDE gallery/recent_body.html -->

After performing that changes you should pruge your cache in the Administration-Control-Panel overview. Sometimes you also need to recompile your template. This can be done in Administration-Control-Panel > Styles > Templates > prosilver > refresh.